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Cuddle Uppets Yellow Dog

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Cuddle Uppets Yellow Dog
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Jay Franco & Sons

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One of the key features is the make your puppet dance, wiggle, talk, and more!. Other highlights include expands into a blanket (39'' x 28'') and available in 6 colorful animal styles. It's dimensions are 4" Height x 39" Length x 28" Width and has a weight of 1.08 lbs. Shopping for Cuddle Uppets Yellow Dog . To get the same cheap price I discovered, check out our store add to shopping cart button on this site.

What do you get when you cross a cuddly blanket using a cute puppet? It will entertain your youngster all day, and then develop to be their warm and fuzzy friend at night. Cuddle Uppets are available in assortment of colorful animal styles. The Cuddle Uppets Yellow Dog is easily washable, so kids can take it anywhere and not worry about getting it dirty. Let this soft Yellow Dog cuddle,' hug, and wrap your kid in love with its 39- by 28-inch (L x W) blanket. You get a Cuddle Uppets, the blanket that's a puppet.

Cuddle Cuddle Uppets, Blankets which are Puppets. View larger. Comes in Variety of Colorful Animal Styles

Locate the best Cuddle Uppets animal friend for your child. Play with Cuddle Uppets as a Puppet or Fuzzy Friend Choose from seven colorful animal styles: Green Crocodile, Yellow Dog, Pink Poodle, Pink Ladybug, Blue Elephant, Purple Monkey, and Magic Unicorn.

When kids put their hand in the Cuddle Uppets Yellow Dog, they bring it to life. Children will have fun making their Dog dance and wiggle. They can develop a Cuddle Uppets show the entire family will enjoy. Cuddle at Night with all of the Yellow Dog

Play all day and sleep the night away with Cuddle Uppets. View bigger. Washable for Worry Free Play and Travel

Cuddle Uppets Yellow Dog can easily be tossed inside the washing machine for a quick cleanup. Award Winning You can let your child take their fuzzy friend anywhere without worrying about getting it dirty.

Cuddle Uppets are Traveling Mom. They've also been awarded the Finest Vacation Children's Product from Dr. Toy. com approved and Parent Tested, Parent Approved by PTPMedia. What's within the Box com.


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