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Happy Nappers Dog

Rating 4
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Jay Franco & Sons

Model: 86773
UPS: 989898425464
Package Quantity: 1

Happy Nappers Dog will probably be your baby's best new doll. Among the list of best features for this dog is the ring the doorbell to hear your happy napper's sleepy sounds. Other highlights include 21" in size, no. 1 toy in asotv and collect all of the styles. The toy is 12"H x 12"L x 4"W. It weighs about 1 lbs. For the best price for this plush dog in addition to other products, click on our affilate button on this site.

The perfect play pillow reverses from a property shaped pillow into a cuddly pet after which back again. The house tucks away inside the back in the Happy Napper - its two toys in a single Happy Napper cuddly plush pet measures approximately 21 inches tall. Ring the houses doorbell to hear your Happy Nappers sleeping sounds. When it is time to wake up, simply unzip the door inside the house, pop out your Napper.


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