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Doodle Dome: Glow Crazy

Rating 4
Doodle Dome

Cactus Game Design

Model: 01055
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I certainly loved that the slippers had the feature of draw on super glow canvas inside. it fades so you doodle for hours. Additional features include age 3+ use under adult supervision and requires 2 aaa not included. To begin with, be aware that you can find a wonderful gift for children without spending an arm and a leg Testamonials are the simplest way to gain the information needed for the price and quality of items. Using a review you will find more information relating to merchandise from individuals. Take a little more time and you will find precisely what you intend to buy for kids at a good price for your pocket book.

Your GLOW CRAZY DOODLE DOME can be anything you want! With the handy carrying case, the DOODLE DOME can be a portable DARK ROOM for Your GLOW-IMAGINATION. The Lightwand will make all your ideas glow like crazy on the special glow liner. You might be the Captain of a rocket ship or perhaps a farmer in a glow barn! Your creations fade after a couple of moments so the adventure can go on and on.


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