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Happy Napper / Play Pillow, Penguin To Igloo

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Happy Napper
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Jay Franco & Sons

Model: 86780
UPS: 032281867805
Package Quantity: 1

Your kid might take this Happy Napper pretty much everywhere. Among the list of key features for this pillow is the ring the doorbell to hear your happy napper's sleepy sounds. Additional features include things like happy nappers "the perfect play pillow", collect all of the styles and no. 1 toy in asotv. Model# 86780. It's dimensions are 12" Height x 12" Length x 4" Width. It has got a weight of 1.12 lbs. Shopping for Happy Napper . I want you to get the best price when acquiring a Pillow Pet for your children. Please, check out our store button on this page.

Happy Nappers- Igloo to Penguin Plush Play Pillow Happy Nappers - The Perfect Play Pillow - Igloo to Penguin It's not a Pillow, It's Not a Pet. They are Happy Nappers, The Perfect Play Pillow. Ring the house's doorbell to hear your Happy Nappers' sleepy sounds. They LOVE to play with you! They are wonderful cuddly companions for extended trips, vacations or your personal playtime adventures! When the day is carried out reverse them back into their Home Sweet Home where they can rest for one far more day of fun. Simply unzip the door of the house, pop out your Happy Napper, correct after which tuck the house away behind them. Features: Reversible Igloo to Penguin and back again Door bell sound to wake the"sleeping"napper The perfect play pillow Includes: 1 x Happy Nappers- Igloo to Penguin Plush Play Pillow They reverse from a house-shaped pillow into a cuddly friend and then back once more.


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