Stompeez Kids Nightime Slippers

Stompeez Peek-a-boo Kitty (small)

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Peekaboo Kitty


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I certainly loved that it has stompeez are more than just ordinary slippers, they are slippers with personality. Other highlights include things like cute, adorable, warm, soft and comfy. The bar code aka the "Universal Product Code" for this is 697696725135. How to buy a Peek-a-boo Kitty . I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a nighttime slippers.

Stompeez are the comfy fun slippers that will leave your kids eager to take their shoes off at the door. They is going to be Stomp, Stomp, Stomping their method to fun in no time, simply because with each stamp with the foot, Stompeez reveals the playful Stompeez character on the face of your slippers. Stompeez are colorful. Stompeez are also built to last and provide many stomping fun nights. Stompeez are fluffy. Stompeez are soft.


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