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Stompeez Playful Blue Puppy (medium)

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Playful Blue Puppy
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Model: 72501
UPS: 697696725012
Color: One Color

Playful Blue Puppy a great nighttime slippers from Stompeez is extremely cute. I really liked that the Stompeez had the feature of quality materials, and durable stitching ensure stompeez are made to last season after season. Other features include things like cute, adorable, warm, soft and comfy and fits youth slipper sizes 13. 5-2. 5. The Stompeez is 4"H x 7.75"L x 4"W. To start off, remember that you may get a great gift for children without spending a lot, together with without sacrificing quality. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experience someone else's kid ran into with the item, click the weblink below.

These days, every kid wants to have cute, fun and creative slippers to wear about the house. But why settle for ordinary slippers when your child could have slippers getting a personality? Ultra-soft and comfortable, Stompeez pop to life with every step you take, and are sure to bring lots of smiles and laughs to you and your young children. Who knew that just walking about the residence may be so much fun? Your kids won't wish to take them off! Introducing Stompeez, the newest As Seen On Television slippers that add character your feet! These make a perfect, exciting gift for any child or teen who loves to laugh and stand out.


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